Natural sounds Of forest Relaxing

Where Humans Can Listen To, and even enjoy, their surroundings. People often use the term to refer to animal, bird, or nature sounds. They also include man-made sounds such as cars, airplanes, machinery, power tools, or industrial sounds

Natural sounds are a category of sound that can be heard in nature. The word natural is defined as being produced naturally by nature and not modified or manipulated. It is a category whose definition is open for discussion.

Many different views exist regarding what natural sounds are; and there are many opinions on the presence of noise in nature. These opinions overlap greatly. Natural sounds are typically listened to in museums and by the public in parks, among forested areas and along streams, as well as in a variety of other places.

A number of people have expressed concerns about using any sound made by a natural source other than human beings to enhance a recording. One of the strongest feelings is that the natural qualities of the sound are so much more enjoyable than noise, and that the noise should be excluded.

Among the many opinions on the meaning and possible uses of the word natural is the debate over whether or not any music may have natural qualities. Some music historians point out that naturalness has been integral to music since the invention of the instrument itself.

However, critics such as Martin Archer of the American Institute of Economic Research state that noise was a main feature of music long before the instrument. In their opinion, music only became natural after the development of the form of western art music called chorale.

The fact that a natural quality is included in many genres does not invalidate the point that any natural sound, no matter how desirable or pleasing to a listener, can never be one’s only source of music, and thus does not negate the point that music can be considered a natural sound.

Many Types Of Nature Sounds

There are many types of natural sound. For example, the sound of nature, the natural landscape, or the natural area, can be considered a natural sound. Generally, the term natural sounds has no precise definition, but a sound that is not artificial can be considered natural. Depending on the region, the particular natural sound may be a sound of nature, a sound in nature, or nature’s sounds.

For Example The Sound Of A Natural Stream

May be used as natural sound in many recordings. Water is a natural element found in nature. Streams typically run parallel to the ground. Usually there is a smooth surface which helps the sound carry through the air better. There is no artificial noise used in the recordings to enhance the natural sound. However, artificial noises such as waterfall can be added.

Many artists have recorded natural sounds or scenes of nature. For example, the natural sound of a waterfall is included in many different types of recordings.

A nice example of this would be music by Jaco Pastorius, which is also called “Flow” (Pehrson).[1] Pastorius also included music and sound effects of snow falling in the “Snow on the Prairies” (Jaco Pastorius Trio, World Congress of Contemporary Music Concert, 1988) album. Pastorius’ style of playing and his knowledge of music and composition was based on his interest in nature, which led him to include natural sounds in his music.[1]

In another example, the ocean can be considered a natural sound. Ocean waves are not a sound made by man; rather they are produced by the natural elements of the ocean and the sound is like wind hitting a body of water. An example of this would be the recording of the ocean called “In the Morning Light” (Catatonia, Cruel Summer, 1994)

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