Film director Steven Spielberg , actor Nicolas Cage and magnate Elon Musk have some things in common. If not, let’s see: they are all recognized for their work (after all, they are Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley) have bank accounts with many zeros on the right; and have a special fascination for space . In the case of Elon Musk, this fascination has to rise to the space company SpaceX . But here we are talking about a type of seduction worthy of the most committed collector , according to a report in the newspaper The Guardian .

All of them are, or are thought to be fond of meteorites , among other eccentricities of course. In other words, the stars of this earth are busy acquiring the stars in the sky. And it is exactly this type of population, the millionaires, that the most exclusive auction houses want to reach.

That’s what Christie’s did, which this week is organizing an auction called Deep Impact (in the original, Deep Impact), with more than 70 meteorites, which are expected to sell for several million.

And believe me, there are very good people in this race. In fact, the attraction of celebrities for these pieces of universe has exploded the value of these pieces in the current market . In fact, if you are unfamiliar, these objects are even composed of an explosion of space fragments in the atmosphere (they can come from asteroids, planets or comets). After the impact they can be found by anyone, since they are scattered across our planet.

But it’s not just any rock that serves as a meteorite, or we would all be millionaires . Many of these fragments are sent to official entities such as museums and very few are recognized with a certificate at the end.

Auctioneer Sotheby’s also told The Guardian that the popularity of these pieces is also real among a younger population , in the 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s. But if age is not an impediment to owning one of these copies, the wallet is.

A certified piece from the moon , for example, can cost you between 149 thousand and 207 thousand euros, it is not for everyone. As for us, common mortals are left to write or read news like this and let us be carried away by the imaginary. After all, the sky is literally the limit.

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